FlowNote helps companies to scale knowledge

    across their business stakeholders and data teams

    by making data insights, techniques and decisions

    reproducible and discoverable.


    The platform provides users with a distraction-free

    writing experience like Quip/Notion, manage users'

    task and queries like Trello/Asana, run data experiments

    like Jupyter Notebook and visualise beautiful charts

    connected directly from the database and capture

    data lineage automatically.

    Userkit is the most advanced user management

    platform for mobile & web focused on media

    related apps. It helps you analyze the actions

    users take in your application and set up features

    that help convert users.


    We help to handle the lifecycle of your users; from

    the first time they get into your app anonymously,

    to seamless signup/ signin flow, to why they are not

    using the app.



    Disney, Dreamworks, Fox Movie Play

    Eurosport Champion Leagues, Fox Sports Play,

    Discovery Game Changers

    AppKit is a software tool that allows designers,

    product managers and growth hackers to effortlessly

    create a native mobile app and make changes live

    without going through AppStore approvals.


    With a robust library of components, AppKit allows

    users to drag and drop components to create desired

    user experience. Subsequent iterations can be made

    instantly by making any front-end changes - layout,

    colors, font, sizes etc.

    We help anyone with willpower, regardless

    of their backgrounds, schooling, and

    demographics break into tech and data science.


    HasBrain's focus is on providing production level environments to

    solve real-world problems hands-on. Community members learn

    techniques and skills needed for their (future) jobs



    8,000 members

    Financial literacy is essential, yet, never

    taught in schools. Grow is the app where

    kids learn and practice financial lessons

    with their actual allowances.


    Grow helps your kids learn money concepts around saving

    and investment from billionaires and get them to practice with

    their allowances.


    We are looking for candidates who share

    the passion to help companies scale with data


    Be a problem solver and

    generate positive impact

    We do not tolerate teammates who look at

    problems and just complain about it, blame

    it on someone else instead of actively solving

    it. Own the problem that you see, if you feel

    that your city has really bad air, own it. Start

    a movement. Be part of the solution.


    Have product focus on the

    problem we are solving

    We are a human data company. Regardless

    of your role and seniority, build the product,

    use the product, collect meaningful data, and

    suggest how to make it better. Use data in

    every aspect of your work.


    Embrace an open and

    growth mindset

    Adapt to change, take feedback, and

    look at everything that comes your

    way, even and especially challenges,

    as growth opportunities.


    our team is looking for ...



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